Buttonhole Chamois Cream No Tingle

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As an American family owned business, Enzo’s Cycling Products considers our customers to be part of our family. So when our customers asked for a lesser-tingle chamois cream, we couldn’t wait to provide it for them.

Part of our mission here at Enzo’s Cycling Products is to provide the highest quality products for the lowest price possible. Enzo’s new No-Tingle chamois cream formula gives cyclists the option to enjoy all of the original Buttonhole goodness without the tingling sensation, and for the same price! To achieve this handcrafted recipe, we simply reduced the amounts of menthol, and tea tree/ peppermint oils from the original batch, creating a gentle and milder no-tingle cream. Try out Enzo’s No-Tingle chamois cream before your ride, and experience the soft, minty formula that keeps your time on the bike as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.